Dr. Deaver Peterson

…some of the great things in the M22™ platform is that there are so many different lasers that can be placed on the device, that allows me to treat a verity of different conditions, whether it’s on the same patient or on multiple patients….

FemTouch Patient

After one procedure I already feel younger and even the sex is better.

FemTouch Patient

Would not have expected such a comfortable procedure.

FemTouch Product Video

Dr. Massimiliano. Marzialli

I am excited to add FemTouch treatment to my practice as this comfortable and easy procedure was demonstrating high satisfaction with my patients. This technology leads to good clinical outcomes.

FemTouch for Women’s Health

FemTouch for Women’s Health with Dr. Clark Schierle

Dr. Scott Evan Eder

So little effort for such a positive patient response.  My menopause patients are so thankful for helping to restore their sex lives and relieve their vaginal dryness.  One patient said she felt 19 again!