Rosacea – Dr. Hiroki Kanda – 1

Rosacea – Dr. Hiroki Kanda – 2

Rosacea – Dr. Hiroki Kanda – 3

Rosacea – Dr. Mariela Nazar – 1

Rosacea – Dr. Mariela Nazar – 2

Rosacea – Dr. Mary Lupo

Rosacea – Dr. Gilly Munavalli – 1

Rosacea – Dr. Gilly Munavalli – 2

Dr. Gerd Gauglitz

M22’s IPL is perfect for the erythema of rosacea.

Dr. Tretti Clementoni

I work with IPL primarily for rosacea, photorejuvenation, and removal of pigmented lesions. I use several passes at different settings, from the deep to the superficial in a single treatment. Patients are so happy with the results that they frequently come for other treatments as well.