Roland Moy, MD

TriPollar® radiofrequency devices offer a safe and effective non invasive technology with beneficial effects on the circumferential reduction and overall appearance of the posterior upper arm


With combination of RF and dynamic muscle activation, the efficacy of the treatment of cellulite appearance, skin tightening, and body shaping is increased when comparing to the treatment with RF alone.

Prof. Leonardo Marini

I am very impressed with the efficacy, speed
and safety, of the SPLENDOR X on all skin
types, for hair removal, photocoagulation of
vascular lesions.
It addresses dark skin types, as well as fine
hairs, with unmatched results. The speed
of treatment is unbelievable and patients
are getting impressive long-term results
in only four sessions. Since there are no
consumables, the return on investment is

Mary Lupo ,MD.

SPLENDOR X is a quantum leap in laser
hair removal technology above all other
platforms in the space.

Dr. Clark Schierle

It’s like injectables for cellulite!

Dr. Jennifer Walden

The treatment is so natural, because the NuEra actually activates the body’s own healing mechanism to generate real, lasting results

Dr. Joie Tavernise

I think NuEra is a must in every clinic to promote skin tightening and cellulite improvement and it is certainly complimentary to the other body-shaping procedures on the market.

Laurel N. Geraghty , MD

Consider it the Ferrari of lasers: the PiQo4 , a versatile, high-powered, low-pain laser named for its picosecond pulse- the fastest on the planet

Laurel N. Geraghty , MD

I love various lasers for different skin conditions, but I’ve never been as excited about a device as I am about the PiQo4

David Goldberg, MD

PiQo4 the Rolls Royce of Pico/Nano lasers